American Weddings

Queen Victoria reigned during the Victorian era, and many of her aristocratic ceremony customs are still practiced today. It was all about the specifics for a Victorian-style wedding, from the gown to the pie.

The whitened dress is the first details that most people consider. White was n’t completely unheard of in bridal attire, but after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s 1840 marriage, it became the norm. She wore a short, pale mask that reached her ft and was made of white silk with tulle. The shroud represented cleanliness victorian women and sincerity.

Grooms wore a dress cover in shades of blue, persimmon, or burgundy, along with bright waistcoats and dark plaid pants. They attached a flower pursuit to the collars of their hair. If there were hostesses, they were more subdued and wore the exact colour.

Because they represented fertility, peach buds were used in lehenga garlands. When Queen Victoria wore them in her bridal flower in 1840, this tradition, which had its roots in China, gained popularity. This was later documented in etiquette books and became a requirement for Edwardian wives.

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If the wedding took place at the princess’s house, she do get dressed in a vacation outfit right away to get ready to go to her husband. Additionally, it was customary for the couple to take a train or steamer to their honeymoon because they did n’t want anyone else to know where they were going. The best gentleman was frequently sworn to secrecy, and only the partners was aware of their whereabouts.

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