In Moscow, people demand that their husbands get returned home.

Some ladies are organizing a unusual form of protest in the midst of Russia’s suppression of opposition over the Ukraine fight They are requesting the return of their men, who have been sent to battle in Ukraine.

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Although it is n’t a feminist drama, this Soviet movie from 1979 exhibits an intense sense of social mobility. Katya, an ambitious mill chairman, advances in her field and attracts males, in contrast to the thoughtless uavs of Ayn Rand’s nightmares or the dim-witted idiots who resent the productive in their novels. The fourth character, played by professional Aleksei Batalov, is a straightforward contractor who ends up caring for her while the other two are jerks.

The self-employed women’s organizations that were suppressed during the Soviet era have since emerged on a local and regional level. These organizations, which include a exploration university that examines demographic and socioeconomic issues as well as an assertiveness training traveling group, even take legal action on behalf of women and establish rape prevention programs.

Popova meets with women who are juggling motherhood and careers at the Tochka Otscheta cafe in the Bohemian neighborhood of Moscow. The majority of mothers struggle with babysitting, which is cheap in the capital. People must deal with the discrimination of daily career, including intimidation on the streets and the notion that they must take care of all household duties and provide for their kids even when they are employed.

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