Younger Woman Married to Older Guy

Many people find it puzzling that mid- or middle-aged people are dating and perhaps marrying people twenty or more years their senior. The time difference is a complex issue that can stoke rumors, misinterpretations, and implicit accusations of hidden motives on both sides. The truth is, just like any other partnership, there are a variety of causes for older male younger girl union. In some situations, personal safety, sophistication, shared perspectives on life, and physical interest perhaps all play a part. Unresolved issues with father numbers ortraumatic experiences may be present in some cases, but only a trained mental health professional you rule out the root causes.

According to Mary Mimi Schultz, a licensed professional counselor in Houston, some older men may opt to date younger women because of what she refers to as “midlife anxiety.” Many adults experience mortality at this time in their lives, and they are looking for ways to reconnect with something young and vibrant.

The older man might also discover that his sexual appetite is waning. The older woman, in contrast, is still quite active and has a good metabolism. She is more than capable of arousing her older lover, as a result. An age-gap relationship can frequently bring both parties together and bring both joy and love. However, it is crucial to consider every possibility before committing to a relationship with a person who is such a big age difference.

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